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In March and April this year, more than 2,500 people gave us feedback about what they would like to see in the new community leisure facility. 

This feedback has been invaluable in shaping our proposals.

We are still developing our plans and want to hear from you about what you think about our early designs. Please look at the details on our website and share your thoughts through our survey below.

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1. In response to your feedback our emerging proposals include a new swimming pool and teaching pool with accessible changing areas. Proposals also make provision for a variety of other sport facilities, including basketball, indoor football, badminton, netball and squash as well as spaces for exercise classes and a gym.

Do you think this is the right mix of sports facilities?

2. You also said you wanted to see a range of other facilities. Our proposals therefore include family friendly activities (including soft play and a ‘clip and climb’ wall), community spaces and a café to sit, relax and socialise in.

Do you think this is the right mix of other facilities?

3. Our early proposals include high quality public areas and a better connection to Fairfield Recreation Ground to improve and help encourage better use of the outdoor spaces. Do you agree this is the right approach?

4. Is the proposed new leisure centre and improved outdoor space somewhere you would like to visit?

5. We are at the early stages of considering what we might deliver on the site of the adjacent Cattle Market car park. The site could be used to deliver much needed new homes in the town centre. What kind of homes would you like to see here? (You can select more than one)

6. What type of other complementary uses would you like to see? (You can select more than one)

7. Do you have any other comments?

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